Concerto in Fantasia

Originally published in Spark Magazine Issue No. 16 What is reality if not a phantasmagoria of musical compositions? Symphonic strings stretching the fabric of time this way and that. The staves are first to rope me in and wind me so tightly that I, myself, become the key signature. They think me treble with the…

Spinning Circles

With “Spinning Circles,” Spark Mag Contributor, Ajà Miller, allows us to visualize the growing pains and challenges that come with venturing into adulthood.

Queen Mean

Walt Disney created the ultimate guide on how to build a cartoon baddie. First, an affinity for luxurious living. Add an obsession with vanity. And finally: dress to kill.

Afrobeat: A Genre that Connects

“It didn’t matter what city we were from, what we studied at the university or any other factor that divided us: we were united under the sound.”

Black Books Matter

“I read between the lines, but I still failed to see myself written on the pages. If I didn’t exist in a purely fictional sense, did I even exist at all?”

Ghost Town Malls

The shopping mall: once a hub of suburban life now left behind becoming phantoms of what they once were.